The War Against the Witches

By Stuart Wilde:

In the inner worlds themes develop that last for a few days. Recently it was the UFOs wars, I wrote about them last week.…UFO Story


This week, it was a battle royal against the world’s witches, many of them are involved in child mutilation and human sacrifice. They use sexual blood sacrifices/ceremonies to garner occult power over others. They don’t come under much suspicion as no one expects women to kill children.

I went after one in Columbia, who killed two babies. I saw in visions where the babies were buried, so I sent  a man to Columbia to photograph where the graves were. It was risky business, the graves were close to a house on private land owned by gangsters. We filed, with the help of some civil rights lawyers, a complaint with the Director of Prosecutions in Bogota. It was ignored because the woman was a part of a very high-up family of landowners who had stolen tens of thousands of acres of land from the indigenous people of Columbia. They were above the law, not that there is much law in Columbia.

In the Aluna Mirror World, the spirit dimensions, one sees the spirits of witches flying on broomsticks, just as in the fairy tales. It’s kind of funny to watch. They are hard to knock down, as they are moving at about 30 miles an hour. One has to fire in front of them and get it right.

Three appeared over the house I was staying at in Ireland, and it took me three days to wipe them out. I kept missing.  When they are close, you feel their darkness as listlessness and a sense of futility. There are many in Hollywood sacrificing children. Lovely place shame about the people.

Witches are usually depicted as old crones with hooked noses, but you might be surprised to learn that most witches here on earth are usually young–anywhere from teenagers to forty-years-old. The witch in Columbia was in her mid-twenties. Their power is driven by the use of occult sex, so the old crones are a bit of non-starters in that area. If the Forces of Light rub out the world’s witches, that will make the world a safer place.

There are white witches, they are usually followers of pagan religions. Don’t mess with casting spells, it will rot your soul.

Stuart Wilde


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