Triumph of the Celestial

It is easy to become oppressed by the Police State, the fascists in power, rules and regulations, the economy, and all the special people that promote state-sponsored violence, but the truth is the Matrix system is collapsing because the Empire of the Snake as I call it, has taken a fatal hit–like God stood on it’s head one stormy night.

I wrote a piece called “Victory in Sight”

because in the Inner Wolds where everything happens first, the Celestial Dawn has come. It washes over the dark and swamps it but the process is slow and gradual. I mentioned there is a war against the UFOs right now, they are the demonic force that is inside the mind of those like Joe Biden, the Vice president of the US, that hopes for a New World Order. He has zero chance of seeing his fascist dream come true. None.

Taos-Questa Road, Riddled with UFOs

North of Taos, New Mexico there is a town called Questa, from  there through San Louis, Colorado, and on through the La Vita pass to Walsenburg ( a trip of about a 100 miles) is one of the largest nests of UFOs in the world, and there, at San Louis is where the phenomena of cattle mutilations started.

Last night, I saw the road through Questa, to my left there were 100,000 celestial soldiers, shoulder-to-shoulder, they stretched for miles in the distance. Then I heard the word “march”,  and I could see that they would walk through that area and rub out the demonic, all of it. Then I saw a celestial dawn, it was rose pink and it came up over the mountains that are 30 miles north of Questa. I knew the operation would be successful.

You may ask how will the defeat of the UFOs help you? The answer is that ghoul oppression will be lifted and that low grade fear will go. But the biggest benefit is that the protection of tyrants is swept away and they fall like dominoes, one after the next. Each that falls or dies makes it safer for all of us as, all evil is linked.

There are 25-30 days to go on the UFO war, then the new light will shine very brightly and you will feel yourself a new person. Hang in there. Stuart Wilde

PS The UFOs are devil-beings that can fly. The solid UFO myth was promoted by the US government to explain away experimental military craft that fly about near places like Area 51, Nevada.


Change and the New World Order
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