The Extraordinary Beauty of the Restoration

By Stuart Wilde

The Restoration is the return of goodness, it’s Gaia folding over us as the eternal mother. She is warm. You can feel it when you walk in the woods. The plants and trees radiate a purity. Gaia is now returning to her true power to save the world from evil.

The darkness of humans hurts her trees see…

…and the animals are slaughtered in such a cruel way, to sustain humans that don’t really deserve her.

The celestial dawn of the Brave New World is upon us. So now, it will bring pure health and a romanticism and love, and with it comes transcendence, but we first have to wait and see how it washes over the Police State, fascism and all the other ugly “isms”.

It will cause them enormous pain and death, I can’t explain it fully here as it is beyond our world and there are laws that govern this process; but there is a great pathos involved watching the evil die, they are still humans even if they act as sub-humans.

Many tens of millions will become demonically possessed, the process has already started, evil people are surrounded by a demonic protection, once that is stripped away by the light they fall to a white terror, which explains why many people are starting to go nuts right now, the process has begun.

It’s fascinating to watch, in simple terms we could say, the Devil comes back for his people and carries them to insanity and hell, and Gaia washes over the world and those that remain standing that are warm and kind become ‘her” people.

But we have to detach, as we are not allowed to interfere with people’s karma−−their fate. The beauty of the Restoration is in the Law of Allowing, even if that allowing is hard for us.

It is hard to believe in it all if you have not yet seen it personally in visions or dreams, or experienced it first hand, for the media pumps fear as a part of manufacturing consent for war and restrictive legislation. It takes you away from goodness and hope to a their world of disempowerment, ego-trips and ugliness. It washes over you and it can make you blind to events, or deep truths that might help you.

Never watch the TV news and stay away from evil and degradation—stay etherically as clean as possible.

A friend who is an Internet researcher was watching some You Tubes on George Bush, she suddenly had searing pain in her body, she threw up and nearly fainted. The episode lasted 20 minutes.

Any one evil is linked to all other evil, it’s a collective, so it is powerful. It’s a form of inner world supremacy based in the religion of fear, and it’s the psychology of specialness attempting to abduct the people of the world. It’s bound to fail as the powers stacked against it are tens of millions of times more powerful.

If you watch a mass murderer talking, the resonance of his or her voice comes on to you. It’s a fractal code, imagine it in simple terms, as black sheet music wallpapered onto your skin, if you are sensitive you’ll have a bad reaction.

Protect yourself with prayer, beautiful images and celestial music.

The sinkholes and the spontaneous combustions are, I believe, evidence of Gaia’s early activity and then I’m waiting patiently for one particular man to fall, or die, or get arrested and then I’ll know the full power of the Restoration is with us.

Blow love at pictures of tyrants, just don’t listen to their voices and know that no matter what you have done you can return to safety, through humility and contrition.

It may take a while, months not years, before we see this Gaia thing happening around us, in events that can’t be denied, that leave no room for doubt. The Restoration is the love of God coming back for the people and the animals.

Avoid gossip, hatred, thieving and degradation and you’ll soon become safe.

Trust in yourself. You are the nearest Higher Authority.

Mr. Stuart Wilde

© Stuart Wilde 2013 –

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Stuart Wilde (1946 – 2013) is considered by many to be the greatest metaphysical teacher that has ever lived. Most famous New Age, New Thought writers and teachers privately studied with him, or they have been greatly influenced by his work. Read the full Stuart Wilde Bio >