Do Humans Hurt Nature with their Thoughts, Feelings & Actions?

I saw an extraordinary vision that made we wonder if humans can kill nature with their thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s been documented that certain people’s house plants die or their animals get overly sick, so it has been hypothesized that something in the person’s energy might be adversely affecting animals and nature.

I was shown a forest, it was autumn and a golden light reflected off the leaves, then gradually an over-sized shadow fell over it all, and I immediately recognized the shape. It was of this man here, in the American torture prison in Abu Ghraib in Iraq.

Abu Ghraib Torture Victim (image

I could see the rough shape of the triangle that his cape made and the pointed hood, as the shadow of the Abu Ghraib man lay over the forest as an oversized silhouette, partly covering the trees and their leaves.

Then the Abu Ghraib shadow expanded and in a few minutes the forest that was so golden and bright became covered in darkness.

I took it to mean that human cruelty and evil can endarken nature, because that evil can flow along lines of the global morphogenetic life force field. So torture in Iraq could create disease in trees in Norway say, extraordinary as it might sound.

I’ve often wondered why, Gaia the spirit of nature, would care how evil humans became, but now I see she has a vested interest in making sure she rubs out evil, so as to protect her trees, plants and animals from harm. Fascinating eh? It’s a very esoteric concept but I’m sure it’s true. Blow love at the trees it helps them. Stuart Wilde


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