Paso Robles, California Earthquake

There was a big 6.5 earthquake at Paso Robles, in California a few days ago. Buildings in the main street were extensively damaged and sadly, two people were killed. A friend of mine, writer Denise Linn* has a retreat near there. She told me that people saw a weird green light in the sky for hours before the earthquake, and that now sulfur hot springs have burst up through the ground and the hot water runs down what is left of the main street.

I have written about Paso Robles before. There is something very strange about that place. There is a vortex there. Just over a year ago, a group of us saw the strangest apparitions in the sky near the town.

The apparitions lasted for over an hour. Here’s a link to the Signs in the Sky, Paso Robles article, if you care to read about it.

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