Signs in the Sky (Part Two) Paso Robles, CA

The apparitions that I mentioned in the last article, Signs in the Sky (Part One) often look like vast pencil drawings. The figures are outlined in shades of gray and black, hundreds of feet high usually against a cloudless sky. They are very real and alive; and they move. If the image is that of a person, you can watch its eyes blink. We have seen sixteen of these apparitions in various locations round the world. Then in August 2002, we saw a new type of apparition in the sky. It was spectacular. It appeared in California at Paso Robles, on September 21st, 2002. Paso Robles is a rural town about four hours drive north of LA.

Before I describe what happened, I should give you the background to the event as that of itself was rather quirky. On September 16th, 2002, I had a really sweet vision of my Teddy bear. He was alive in an inner world, giggling and bouncing around looking very happy, and in his hand was a little label; the kind you might Cello tape to a present. My birthday was coming up and so I thought to myself, how cool, Teddy’s got me a birthday present, but just as I had that thought, I saw a human hand appear, motioning like a high-five. I realized Teddy’s gift might be in five days time on September 21st rather than on my birthday, which is three days later in the same month.

September 21st came and I had completely forgotten about Teddy and his present. I was visiting a friend in Paso Robles, who writes books on shamanism. At sunset, I went with her, her husband and two other people to a small hill behind her house to watch the sun go down. It was a beautiful evening; there were no clouds and no wind. After a while, we came off the hill to go to dinner and it was then we noticed a plume of gray/blue smoke across the sky. It looked like writing. I thought it might have been formed by one of those flying balls of light called bolides, which I have seen before in England. The grey/blue smoke was about three hundred yards long at an altitude of about 1500 feet. It formed from right to left from where we viewed it (see: Figure 1).

Figure 1: Writing in the Sky, September 21st, 2002

We watched, marveling at the florescent nature of the smoke plume. Gradually over a period of a few minutes, the smoke-like substance began to take the shape of a funnel and two hearts. In about ten minutes, it had formed into the images seen here in the artist’s impression (Figure 2).

Once formed, the sky painting and its images stayed absolutely motionless. They hung there suspended in the sky like details from an airbrushed painting; there was something very supernatural about them. We watched for over half an hour before we finally left for the village and dinner. Here in this illustration, we have had to use funky clipart but the real thing was spectacular beyond belief. It took on the colors of the rainbow and parts of it shone with an electric blue/white light that was fluorescent.

Figure 2: Portents in the Sky at Paso Robles, California

Between the two hearts and the funnel was a pixie-type f ace and from out of the funnel came the image of a baby. Below that was a spectacular fish with beautiful markings. It swept down from the tube stretching to a length of about forty to sixty yards. To the left of that was the upper body of a red horse. It was about fifty feet high and a hundred feet across. And, beyond these images were two colored blobs one indigo and one violet, both to the right of the funnel.

I should stress here that these signs in the sky were not faces in the clouds, as the night was cloudless. They were images that had morphed out of the smoke-like substance that had formed in the sky moments before.

My friend’s place is about ten miles west of Paso Robles in an area of remote, scattered ranches. I’m not sure how many people saw the apparitions in the sky that night, but anyone in the area would have been bound to see them they were lit up like a Christmas tree. A few people did stop on the road to watch it with us and there were five of us watching for almost half an hour. Teddy was in his bed resting, pleased with himself, no doubt.

The images that appeared that night are very familiar; we have seen them repeatedly in the morph over the last few years. They tell a story. I don’t think we as yet understand the full message but here’s what we have fathomed so far. The Universe burst forth from a singularity with a few stutters as it went (Inflation Theory). This was represented in the night sky by the funnel and the heart-shaped rings.

Then beyond our universe are beings that seem to guard this evolution. In the olden days, we used to call them the Watchers, as we didn’t know who or what they were. Now we understand a bit more and they seem to us like massive nature spirits. Of course, that definition is simplistic to the extreme but we don’t know what else to call them. Nature spirits are often belittled in folklore, being depicted as bizarrely dressed characters sitting on a mushroom, or diaphanous beings with wings, flying from flower to flower.

As far as we can gather these transdimensional beings are enormously powerful and massive beyond words. They could hold the entire universe in the palm of one hand. To us, they are the Forces of Light. They seem to guard this world, its spirituality, its animals, and nature, and of course our human evolution. I know that we are taught that God oversees our world but we have come to see that as a simplistic explanation—our universe is but one of many. We humans like to think we are very special and important but in fact, we are pretty insignificant, our power is very limited compared to the consciousness that exists elsewhere in other universes and dimensions.

These transdimensional beings depicted by the pixie face in the sky, exist in another universe—a dimension which is beyond our three dimensional plane. That is why the pixie face in the sky appeared before the opening of the tube and not after it. Meaning of course, that these beings pre-existed the Big Bang and our universe. In other words, they pre-existed what we know as time.

The baby we saw in the sky is mentioned in Revelation. It is born to the Queen of Heaven, who has one foot in the water (the morph) and one on land. The Forces of Darkness try to kill the baby, so an eagle carries it away into hiding with its mother. The baby grows up in another world and then returns to rule this world with a rod of iron. That reign lasts one thousand years during which the devil is chained. Then after that time, it can be held no longer, and it is released upon this world and evil is allowed to flourish once more. This, we believe, is a way of saying that after a thousand years, the human shadow returns to bring darkness and pain to this world.

We saw, in the morph, the baby being born on the night of August 23rd, 2001.

The baby grows up not in this physical w! or ld but in another dimension of which we know very little, except that the time ratio there is about nine to one in relation to our human timeframe. So, every month that passes here on earth, the baby becomes nine months older in its world (dimension). Eighteen months have elapsed to date since its birth, so the child is currently 9 X 18 months = 162 months old; that is, 13 1/2 years old. So its birth was on August 23rd, 2001 and it was 13 1/2 years old in its world as of February 23rd, 2003.

–The full explanation of the baby is in the Book of Revelation. It is linked to the story of how the Forces of Light eventually disempower and degrade the darkness of this world, and how the tyrants fall from power. The Book of Revelation is the prophesy of a war fought in another dimension—the dimension in which the baby is growing up right now. Somehow, once those battles are fought and won in that dimension, things change automatic ally here in this world. !

That other dimension is a mirror world to our world. You might remember I said in the past, we see the morph as dry rain. To us, it is watery-looking. We watch the mirror world using the watery morph as a lens. All of Armageddon and the Revelation story is in there but because of the slowness of our perception, much is still hidden from us but we do get the gist of what is going on.

We know that the Grey-Haired Man that delivered the Book of Revelation to John the Beloved is also the Lion of Judah, and we know that the Child is the Grey-Haired Man coming back in this modern age. In addition, these three characters from the Book of Revelation combine to form Jesus, or they are linked to Jesus in some way. Hence, the beautiful fish that is the symbol of Christianity that appeared in the sky at Paso Robles below the image of the baby.

The Red Horse of Revelation brings with it war. It’s how the Forces of Light agitate darkness on earth to destroy itself and others. It seems hugely complicated; suffice to say, the era of the Red Horse is upon us. This is what all this Iraq nonsense is all about.

Initially we thought the White Horse mentioned in Revelation was a different horse, but we have now been shown that it is the same as the Red Horse. The White Horse has a bow and it goes forth and conquers. It is the symbol of the Forces of Light as far as we can make out. It has the most transcendental beauty of anything I have ever seen; it is glorious and immensely radiant.

While the Red Horse destabilizes darkness on earth, sending tyrants to war to fight other tyrants, the White Horse closes in; in some way, we don’t understand, clearing areas, making them safe for peaceful people. We don’t know what the relationship is of the Red Horse or the White Horse to the other two horses mentioned in Revelation, which are the Black Horse and the Pale Horse. That remains a mystery for now.

So to summarize, the signs in the sky at Paso Robles as we understood them, said that from beyond the singularity of the Big Bang and the first stutters of the Universe, spirit beings bought forth a child. That child represents the return of Jesus, or it is like the energy of Jesus.

I don’t exactly believe in reincarnation because I have never seen any evidence for it in the morph. Then again, I don’t disbelieve in the theory of reincarnation. I am undecided. I’ve begun to think that each one of us is everybody. In other words, we are all Hitler and we are all Jesus, and we are all Buddha and so on. We are each the destroyer and the redeemer. When Jesus said, “This is my body and this is my blood,” what he probably meant was, “Listen up, you fuckwits! I’m everybody, dude—get it? You are me and I am you. We are all one, let’s work together.”

There is a lot of evidence to suggest we are all inside a vast hologram; and that a holographic resonance of information joins us all together. It could be that the appearance of the Child in the sky is symbolic of that universal connectedness–. And, that the baby is a new Jesus—the return of the biblical Jesus in a new body, or the arrival of redemption in some form or other. To us, the Child represents the symbol of a Homecoming, as we return to where we belong at one and at peace with all things.

When the Child was born in August 2001, it brought with it the Red Horse. So, redemption and destruction come bundled as one. We see it as the return of Kali and Shiva of Hindu legend—the marriage of light and dark—the end of denial. The yin destroys the yang by merging with it. Jesus and compassion and softness rise up to swamp evil and the bellicose, egocentric tyrant that is inside us all.

Certainly, the spirits that seem to watch and control this evolution are all feminine as far as we know from the morph. God the Father is actually God the holy Mother at a higher level. The evolution of the male came from the female not the other way round as the Adam and Eve story suggests.

Our world is far too yang. The sight of these silly little men on TV lying, pretending to be important, and blowing each other up, is an affront to our dignity and it is an affront to God’s dignity on earth. Everyone will have to straighten up double-quick, or they will see the Mother Goddess in the sky seconds before she wipes them out.

The Kali side of her is very scary. I’ve seen visions of her when she is furious—depictions if you like, a simulation, not the real thing; and when I did see it those visions; they only lasted for a few seconds. Both times, I was scared out my wits. I had to look away; nothing could survive her wrath.

© Stuart Wilde 2003 –

* For the Book of Revelation, King James version, click


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