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What if Peace Breaks Out?

By Stuart Wilde I can see a world where we will have peace eventually, it’s not impossible.  The global wars are perpetuated by just a few dozen zombie politicians, but if they fall, or if there is a change of

The Last Conspiracy

Most of the conspiracies are real and true or substantially true, but as the media is usually owned by the same people that act covertly to hurt Americans like at 9/11, none of it will ever come out, not through

Martial Law, Says North Carolina Police Officer

Here’s a vid’ of a radio interview of a very humble police officer in America, saying that the arrangements for martial law are all in place. The latest conspiracy theory says that there will be a false flag attack in

Hurting America will Go Horribly Wrong

I wanted to make an audio for the New Year, but I didn’t know what to say, all I’ve seen is visions of false flag attacks and explosions, huge explosions, one after the next, 25-30 of them in the last

False Flags, False Flags

I’ve not seen a lot of predictions for 2013, except I saw vision after vision of false flag operations, the visions have been repeated over and over again. Obama won’t attack Iran and Israel can’t manage it, so they will have