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The Thirty-Three Sages of the Plum Red Robes

The Thirty-Three Sages of the Plum Red Robes A Tale About Tenacity On Your Spiritual Path Many years ago in old China there was a wise old sage. He traveled the countryside, walking from village to village teaching and healing

The Silence of the Setting Sun

The Winter Solstice is the most sacred day of the year in the Taoist calender. It marks the end of the Old Sun and the birth of the New Sun. During the few days before December 21st things go very

Daoist Tapping Ceremony in Ireland with Stuart Wilde

Daoist Tapping Ceremony with Stuart Wilde December 19th – 23rd, 2012 — Glendalough, Co Wicklow, IRELAND. This event was sold out but 3 places have come up at the last minute, as one person decided to go to Amsterdam instead and