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The Divisions of Revelation

I go through about 100 Internet articles and a dozen YouTubes a day looking for snippets my readers might like. A lot of it is rants, and people pitted against each other. Then many sites write about the Police State

Explosions Vision

I saw a vision of a woman on the ground with her elbow bent, she was cradling her head in her hand, drinking a cup of tea. She looked very relaxed. Behind her was a video screen and two more

Explosions Update

By Stuart Wilde In December last, I saw endless visions of explosions and very little else. Certainly skink holes and spontaneous combustion are big news lately, but I have a feeling there must be more up ahead, as last night

911 Black Ops and the Bent Money Trail

This video exposes the black ops and money trail, linking high up officials to the 911 hit. The American media is not going to report this kind of story, as their function is to protect the conspirators, so it will

Conspiracies: How Do We Crack it?

It’s common knowledge Bush and the Neo-con White House people did 9/11 with the Zionist Jews. It’s common knowledge Blair did the 7/7 bombings with MI5. It’s common knowledge Diana was murdered. It’s common knowledge the Federal Reserve is defrauding