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The Secret World of Gold

This is a fascinating documentary that looks into the gold that is missing from central banks in the world. This is gold that has been stolen or otherwise misappropriated.  Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com  

Obama Wants to Jail Hackers for 80 years

The new Obama hacking laws are to protect the Shylock banks on Wall Street, he wants to jail hackers for 80 years. Hillary Clinton had her emails hacked by a person who calls himself or herself, Guccifer. The elite live

Google Owner Dumps His Shares

One of the owners of Google Eric Schmidt, has filed with the SEC to sell 42% of his stake in the company for $2.5 billion. “This is a routine diversification of assets and Eric remains completely committed to Google,” Niki

Bankers and Federal Employees Flee to the Hills

There are stories on the Internet of high-paid Federal employees and Wall Street bankers quitting their jobs and setting up in remote locations in the Ozarks, and in underground government locations in Colorado. The US government is building underground bunkers

Banks on Wall Street and Elsewhere Are Dying in Their Own Filth

The banks on Wall Street have all paid out heavy fines for fraud, $500 million was paid by Goldman Saks rated Number One for crookedness, JP Morgan paid $88 million and then another fine of $144 million …And global banks