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Psy of Gangnam Style fame, New Release, 32 Million hits

Psy has had 32 million hits in the last couple of days on his new track called – GENTLEMAN M/V. Mind blowing. Good luck to him. His last track Gangnam Style has done 1.5 billion hits on You Tube. Stuart

News Scripted by one Writer

Short Video showing how the News is scripted by one person. SW (www.stuartwilde.com)     Stuart Wilde Q & A Live by Stuart Wilde “A Lively and Witty Session with Stuart Wilde. This entertaining recording of a Stuart Wilde seminar

Explosion in Fulham, London

I’ve posted this one as it was just off the Kings Rd in London where the pub is we go to. So it was a local explosion. See video link below. Read More:  Fulham explosion causes debris to rain down

People Doing Silly Things

Some of these are so funny. (Vid’ 18.50 mins) Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com   Spirituality and the Lightness of Being by Stuart Wilde “There is much heaviness in the world which comes from people’s self-importance, the injustice, the pollution, the bling.

UFO Exploding Video

I don’t normally do UFO stories as it’s not good to concentrate on them too much, but this video is cool, the UFO explodes and a part of the plasma ball falls to earth. The action starts about 25 seconds