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Victory in Sight

I’m sure my readers must consider me very odd as I write about wars in the multi-dimensional hell worlds, some readers fled because they don’t want to hear that stuff, that’s to be expected, but fear of the dark is

Dawn of the Celestial Sun

I’ve been watching the visions of the celestial sun coming up over the inner world horizon. It’s been eleven years in the making. When the Morph first appeared in 2001 in Australia, the walls went soapy-looking and people dematerialized and

Don’t Forget to Dance for Victory!

It was fantastic dancing with the customers in the pub after the Ams’ 8th event. Next Ams’ event, Dec 16th. http://www.stuartwilde.com/events/all-other-upcoming-events-with-stuart-wilde/ I saw a vision of how your light goes through the ground killing the ghouls below. Here’s the link

X Marks the Spot

To make a strong message we have to band together. I said we should all dance for 30 seconds each day as an affirmation of our impending victory. http://www.stuartwilde.com/2012/11/dance-for-victory/ Our collective light consciousness is stronger than the dark, so we

Dance for Victory

V says, in V for Vendetta, “A revolution without dancing is not worth having”. So let’s dance our way to victory. Make it a discipline to dance for 30 seconds everyday, you’ll be linked into thousands of others doing the