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Mirror-World Universe Close to Confirmation

I said years ago that there is a Mirror-World opposite to our 3-D world. Later, writers like Khris Krepcik and others that can see the inner worlds, all confirmed they saw the same thing. It exactly reflects our reality. If

Mysterious Loud Booms & 5D Earth

Linda Moulton Howe video (4.57 mins) taking about dimensions that overlap each other in an ekpyrotic universe. This theory is very interesting and from what we have seen in the inner worlds the over lapping dimensions is correct, or substantially

Michio Kaku Explains String Theory in 4 mins

Einstein’s laws go backwards as far as the Big Bang, but what happened before the Big Bang? For that scientist propose a theory called String Theory, here is Michio Kaku explaining it. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com Stuart Wilde – The Sacred

Spiritual Practices, the Mobius Strip

Scientists calculated mathematically that the Universe is either, a smooth ball shape, or a lumpy ball, or a saddle shape. In the Aluna Mirror-Worlds one is shown that the saddle shape is correct. It the Pringle shape. The Mobius strip

Where Did Humans Come From? (The Fourth Alternative)

There is a long-lasting battle raging in America between the Christian right and scientists as to the origins of man. Some Christians take the Bible story of Genesis literally. They believe God made Adam and Eve six thousand years ago,