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American UFO Reports Down 36 Percent After 2012 Spike

In the inner worlds that I call the Aluna Mirror-World, there is a big war going on against the UFOs. The UFOs are devil beings that can morph and fly, like flying dragons. They are deep inside the minds of

59% of the ‘Tuna’ Americans Eat Is Not Tuna

 Source: theatlantic.com  Nonprofit ocean protection group Oceana took 1,215 samples of fish from across the United States and genetically tested them in order to bring us the following astonishing facts: 59% of the fish labeled “tuna” sold at restaurants and

The Three Monopolies–Ideas, Finance and Violence

This video is called, “The Death Throes of the United States” but it doesn’t talk about that much. Instead the narrator discusses what he calls, “The Three Monopolies”. The monopoly of ideas, the monopoly of finance, and the monopoly of