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UFO Disinformation–Sylvia Browne

I saw a massive UFO in the Inner World the size of a blimp. It was stationary, hovering over a school playground where the kids looked between 5 and 7-years-old. The UFOs fire degradation via mental telepathy, so they are

American UFO Reports Down 36 Percent After 2012 Spike

In the inner worlds that I call the Aluna Mirror-World, there is a big war going on against the UFOs. The UFOs are devil beings that can morph and fly, like flying dragons. They are deep inside the minds of

Santiago UFO Cluster

I don’t usually post UFOs stories as it not good to concentrate on them, but most of the UFOs are in South America because one of their aims is “soul capture” through fascination. And they can’t abduct people etherically unless