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The True Story of Truth

I try to be precise and open on world issues, but there are certain things I’ve been shown in visions I can’t write about in detail. This is because a vision, while it may prove to be very accurate, cannot

The Stand Aloners

To contradict accepted beliefs or official propaganda is to stand alone, totalitarianism goes after the thinkers, intellectuals and journalists first. It is estimated that 300 journalists in Russia have been murdered or they have disappeared since the early 1990s. SEE HERE Truth has

“History Would be Something Extraordinary, if Only it Were True” –Tolstoy

The history of the world will unravel and the myths will collapse. The Russian Revolution was sold as an uprising of decent workers and peasants against corrupt aristocrats and the Tzar. Juri Lina, the Estonian film maker says it was

The Bravery of Truth

People that are not on the spiritual journey live just in their ego’s opinions, and the ideas and beliefs the mind  comes up with. But usually the ego’s world is a mass of illusion and denial. And it’s fed vast