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Bashar got Bashed–He May Be Slightly Dead

I said some weeks ago (Feb 18th) that I saw a vision that Bashar al-Assad of Syria would fall immediately. Reports say he was shot yesterday by a guard. See below. “Onwards and Downwards” …as the King of the Mice often

Bashar al-Assad of Syria

I saw a vision, I think the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad is about to fall. I heard the word “imminent”. He’s been cruel to his people, so maybe karma gets him. The Jews bombed Syria recently so they will be

Warmageddon: The Half Time Show

We are in the half time show of Warmageddon. Madonna is coming on dressed in black sequins to do a sexy routine with a chop stick. Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel went to the UN to do his sparky