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Motorist Throws Parking Ticket at Cop, Fined £840 for Littering

Britain is a nightmare hell of rules and surveillance cameras and fines and nerds from the local council that can order you not to paint your front door red etc. On a car journey of ten minutes, the speed limit

Chariots in the Sky

Reading the alternative media, there are endless stories of the Police State and surveillance and horrid scary laws and threats of war and so on. The story of the depositors in Cyprus losing their money to pay for the government’s

Mind Reader’s Secret & Trippy Twist at the End–Great Lesson

This vid is so trippy, (2.48 mins) heaps of fun, great twist at the end. SW. www.stuartwilde.com  

Internet Lock Down

Regulars here will note I’ve been writing fast and furious recently, I’m worried the Internet will be restricted soon. I like to give you the metaphysical take on things when I can, as that is often the story behind the

Surveillance Perspective

There are lots of frightening stories of the US government’s surveillance of its citizens, but to keep it in perspective here’s an item of interest. A Russian attack submarine sailed into the waters off Florida and hid there for three