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Buying Beer in Hyperinflation

Some lads in Belarus, Russia, go into a supermarket to buy some six-packs of beer. The country has suffered hyperinflation since the government halved the value of the Belarusian rubble, sorry rouble, in 2011. The lads pay with a back

Silver to Rise 500% in 3 Years–BBC

A friend of mine that is a coin dealer, says he’s selling 70% silver to 30% gold, last year the percentage of his sales in silver was 20%. www.celticgold.eu The lady in the BBC vid’ below says silver will rise

The Cashless Society

The Governments want a cashless society for several reasons, the first is to combat tax avoidance, and the second is to drive business and fees to the debt-riddled banks. And the third reason is a form of silent hatred, it’s

The Wilde Weekly–The Mysterious Gardener

The Weekly Wilde is the Mysterious Gardener…it’s over at http://zen-haven.com/the-wilde-weekly-the-mysterious-gardener/ It’s from Stuart’s book of the old sages of China, “Plum Red”, click ad here to read more…   Plum Red – Taoist Tales of Old China by Stuart Wilde

Dear Readers, Thank you for Your Support

Dear Readers, Thank you so much for being here this past year with me. You clicked my articles over to the social sites 1264 times last week. That is extraordinary …keep up the good work. I’m very grateful. I’m trying