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Fascinating Healings and Observations Amsterdam

This is from the same man that wrote in to say his partner’s lyphoma was cured in Bath, England. Here he talks about his observations in Ams, about cysts that…

Quiet Earth Music and Downloads

Chris Wild was the sound man at the ‘Warrior’s Wisdom’ seminars and at the ‘Warriors in the Mist’, late 1980s to early 1990s. He’s a loyal mate. He’s collected a…

On Healing a Blood Cancer

Here is the testimonial from the man who came to the event in Amsterdam on the 8th December, whose partner was healed of a blood cancer. Next Ams December 16th…

New Matrix of Purple Light... Evil Shall Not Enter

Purple Light Matrix Will Conquer All

This picture here below blew me away, it is 100% accurate. There is a purple light grid forming and even the cubes that are suggested in the pic’ are accurate….


Apple Shares Fall $37 in One day

    The writer at the financial blog Zero Hedge calls himself Tyler Durdan, he has a little image of Tyler at the top of each entry. His blog is considered…

stuart wilde-saddles

Arrival of the Celestial Cavalry

Here’s an MP3 of visions I’ve seen of the Celestial Beings coming through a portal into 3-D. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com  Stuart’s MP3   Arrival of the Celestial Cavalry

The Quickening

I watched a video at awakeningasone.com called “The Quickening”. I clicked it as it is the same title as of one of my books. It talks about the global shift of…


Spiritual Healing – The Second Chance Event in Amsterdam

Amsterdam:  DEC 8th, 2012 – with Stuart Wilde & Khris Krepcik Amsterdam:  DEC 16th, 2012 – with Stuart Wilde Spiritual Healing – The Second Chance Events in Amsterdam with Stuart…

Khris Krepcik Talking with Stuart Wilde

Spiritual Healing – The Second Chance with Stuart Wilde & Khris Krepcik

Share the love… Bring your friends and family to this inexpensive event. And if you could post this to the social sites I would be very grateful. Thank you all…

Stuart Wilde_Alchemy Radio

Stuart Wilde on Alchemy Radio Ireland

I’m very sorry, but when we first posted this, the link didn’t work. So here it is again. Stuart Wilde did a radio show for John Gibbons on Alchemy Radio…