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Stuart Wilde with Gerald Celente: Currency Devaluation, War and the Price of Gold

New Video (9.05 mins) of Stuart Wilde www. stuartwilde.com with Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal www.trendsresearch.com talking about the currency wars, and possible global wars and the price of gold. Fascinating interview. If Readers can share this to their social

The Hurricanes of Light

I saw something. There is a group of inner word beings that exist in a heaven world that are sometimes called the Tao Beings. They come from mythology, they are half-human, half- animal like the centaurs. I called them manimals

The Collapse of CNN

Englishman Piers Morgan, replaced the legendary Larry King at CNN. King is not keen on Piers Morgan, he says Morgan injects himself too much into interviews and he does not let the other person speak. Morgan is so stuck up

On Healing Aspergers

Aspergers Syndrome is on the lower end of the Autistic Spectrum. Children and adults with Aspergers often have difficulties with social interaction and communication and may interpret creative thought and use their imagination in different ways from others. Some children

The Stand Aloners

To contradict accepted beliefs or official propaganda is to stand alone, totalitarianism goes after the thinkers, intellectuals and journalists first. It is estimated that 300 journalists in Russia have been murdered or they have disappeared since the early 1990s. SEE HERE Truth has