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The Day Goliath Got Stoned

By Stuart Wilde In the Biblical story of David and the giant Goliath, David knocks him out with a stone fired from a sling and then he cuts off his head. In the film V for Vendetta, Mr. V’s slingshot is

Explosions Update

By Stuart Wilde In December last, I saw endless visions of explosions and very little else. Certainly skink holes and spontaneous combustion are big news lately, but I have a feeling there must be more up ahead, as last night

More Spontaneous Combustion NZ home Explodes

Here is a list of a few of the spontaneous explosions over the last few days. Some may be of natural causes, some not, but there are so many nowadays, they are interesting to track. I said ages ago buildings

The Forces of Retribution

I know it may sound dippy when I say I’ve seen the Forces of Retribution arrive, but two days ago I saw the most extraordinary light of a celestial dawn, the brightest I’ve seen in ten years. The Beings have the

The Technology of the Gods

The Celestial Gods of the inner-world heavens fight the dark forces to sustain the purity of that mirror world; it’s in a parallel dimension that starts 18 inches from us, facing us. They also seem to be able to effect