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Forty Sentinels

Protection comes to you bit-by-bit. As you get less dark you get safer and safer. If you have silent disdain or malice it is natural the ghouls come riding in on the back of that, as they track that dark

The End of Bull Fighting is Coming on at Speed

I have a dear friend in Spain that tracks bullfighting news for me, she recently wrote a report, an update on how bullfighting is dying a fast death. The bull festivals are down nearly 50%, the gorings and injuries have

Death in the Afternoon & the Fall of Spain

Some years ago I saw a vision of Madrid, there was a thick black cloud over it that stretched 100 klms from left to right. It looked to me like the vengeance of Gaia, because of the dead bulls. Spain

Spanish Jesus

I saw a vision, I was outside the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid. There were two columns of people lined up with about 1000 people in each column. Between the columns was a ten yard gap. Jesus appeared hovering between