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Sandy Hook Unmasked

The massacre at Sandy Hook USA, has now been exposed as a lie. It was a government hit, much like 911. Killing children for gun control is a horrible crime, it’s the elite’s attempt to save themselves because they know their days

Sandy Hook is a Massive Lie-Rense & Weidner (video)

Sandy Hook is a massive lie. Here’s radio interview (12.25 mins) with Jeff Rense and Jay Weidner discussing the families of the victims, who were all pictured laughing and smiling, and Rense and Weidner talk to him about the Batman

Three Days Before Shooting, “United Way Extends Most Sincere Condolences To Sandy Hook Families”

Source:  www.rense.com It is alleged that Untied Way the American charity, published condolences to the Sandy Hook families three days BEFORE  the massacre of the little children. Anyone that does not think this was a government hit must be too stoned

Sandy Hook Massacre Suspicious Cover Ups

Veterans Today say the Sandy Hook massacre was a Mossad operation to impose gun control on America, I don’t know about that, but it certainly looks like a hit, the official story of Sandy Hook has fallen apart. There is

False Flags, False Flags

I’ve not seen a lot of predictions for 2013, except I saw vision after vision of false flag operations, the visions have been repeated over and over again. Obama won’t attack Iran and Israel can’t manage it, so they will have