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Italy’s Biggest Gay Sauna Pays Rent to the Vatican

Source:  www.dailykos.com The Italian newspaper La Repubblica has revealed that a building owned by the Vatican, houses not only a high-ranking church official, but also Italy’s largest gay bathhouse. The Holy See owns a $30 million share of an imposing palazzo in Via Carducci

Lightening Strikes St. Peter’s in Rome

When I saw this photo of lightening hit the St Peter’s Basilica in Rome I wondered if it was photo shopped. Then I saw live footage on the BBC interesting eh? Gaia is in charge I’m sure of it. Stuart

Rome’s Radiation & The Stone Horse

We check people that come to the healings with a Geiger Counter to see if their radiation levels are high. If they are, I do an extra process on them, it only takes a minute, it seems to get the

Rome Tomorrow Friday 2pm-4pm

Next Healing Sessions: Rome – Friday, October 19th 2012 2:00 pm ’till 4:00 pm Click HEALINGS BY SW for further details.

Italian Healing, Turin, Volterra, Rome Now Confirmed

Italy  Turin – Sunday, October 14th, 2012  2 pm – 4 pm ERBORISTERIA LE TRE NATURE VIA S. AMBROGIO 94 VILLARDORA (TO) Tel. 011 935 10 35   Mobile +39 348 122 81 88 (The house opposite the restaurant: “RISTORANTE DEL PILONE”)