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St. George

I discovered some years ago that humans are surrounded by two bands of darkness that I named the inner and outer matrix. The inner matrix is the thoughts of evil humans, which looks like black soot, I call it the

Tips I Learned from the Ghoul Wars

I hope this isn’t too long but here’s a bit more that is hard to mention but it is important. I’m a veteran of a three and a half year ghoul war. I learned a lot. I went to fight

Avoid Yoga, It’s Deadly

You will never meet a yoga person that’s not allergic or sick or weak, or dying in front of your eyes. Have you ever wondered why? I’ll tell you my theory below. I reckon yoga is deadly, they all seem

Anomalies in the Supernatural

Recently I have come to see how the plan of the Goddess is vast: it is underneath us like a current that we can’t see. It is very beautiful, and clever. It is massive, like a very graceful anaconda, slithering