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Grimm’s Warriors

The recently released movie ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’ and ‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’ are a good depiction of the inner spiritual journey. The original Grimm’s Fairy Tales told of the Dark versus the Light, sugared up with ginger bread houses

Healing with Sound: The Tranformational Aspects of Music

Jill Mattson, Guest Writer Waking Times The field of Sound Healing is a rapidly growing discipline that is recently attracting a lot of interest. Many of the techniques that are employed stem from ancient traditions. Modern scientific research, however, is


Fortitude is linked to honor in a way that you may not have thought about before. If you are covertly dishonorable there will be a fracture in your etheric like a diagonal line that moves very fast in a shifty

The Fourth Force—Gaia

In relation to the Americans, I said there are three forces, the citizens, the Zionist controllers of America, and the US Military. Then there is a fourth force that is not just American but global, the force of nature, Gaia.

High Resonance Keeps You Safe

The oscillations of the etheric force field around has a pulse, a resonance. The higher your resonance the more freedom you have and the healthier you become, you are less confused and tormented. Your resonance is created by the oscillation