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Christos Water Testimonial–She Healed the Cat

The Christos Water I don’t like to post too many testimonials, we get many, but here’s a cute one from a lady that healed her cat using the new Christos Water that has replaced the Avalon Mist water. We are

The Strange Beauty of Miracle Healings

I’ve done over 4000 healings in the last five months, I don’t give out my email at the healings, but some people know it because they have bought mail order items from us, or they have attended a seminar gig. They

I Can Relax Ams’ Dec 8th (Sold Out), Dec 16th Gig Tickets Available

Thanks Guys. I can relax. December 8th Amsterdam is all SOLD OUT. The door price is Euro 300. But I added one Mates Rate ticket Euro 150 and one VIP ticket euro 280 in case there was someone at the

Jesus Visions

I saw a vision of Jesus last night. He had his hand on someone’s shoulders as if healing them, then he raised his hands and placed them side-by-side like making a roof over the person’s head. Then I saw the