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Emailing the Gods

By Stuart Wilde I sit in my bed at 3.03am which is my strongest time and I record prayers to the Gods. I start with thanks and then I move out from there. All my prayers are the same. I don’t

Fixing the Electronic Pollution of Smart Meters

Utility companies in the US are installing Smart Meters that send a pulse back to the utility with information about your consumption. People object to them, because of the electromagnetic field the meters give off which they have to constanty suffer

The Forces of Retribution

I know it may sound dippy when I say I’ve seen the Forces of Retribution arrive, but two days ago I saw the most extraordinary light of a celestial dawn, the brightest I’ve seen in ten years. The Beings have the

Exciting New Developments on the Gaia Front

I’ve prayed for liberation every night for twenty years or more. It’s arrived. I saw a golden globe, like a bauble one might hang on a Christmas tree, but it was over-sized, about the size of a rock melon. Then a

The Collapse of Tyranny

If you like my strange tales from the Aluna worlds you’ll like this one it is so mysterious. Over a series of days the Sacred Beings in the Aluna took me to see how tyranny will collapses in world, there