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15 Million Page Views Amazing

A visit to the site is one person clicking on www.stuartwilde.com for one time, then page views counts how many pages get read. We had 15 million page views this month in February in 28 days, that is over half

5 Ways to Protect Your Internet Privacy

The idea that the creeps in power can hack your life willy nilly is not necessarily so. The Facebook…Tracebook man tracks your Internet moves after you leave his site… and he has an App that acts as a GPS, watching

Forty Sentinels

Protection comes to you bit-by-bit. As you get less dark you get safer and safer. If you have silent disdain or malice it is natural the ghouls come riding in on the back of that, as they track that dark

Spiritual Practices

Here is a beautiful spiritual practice that I have not mentioned for a while. It is very powerful and protective. The Dies Irea Lay down head to the north, feet to the south facing up. Visualize winged, angelic beings all

The Sacred Christos Water—a Bottle Inside a Bottle

The new Christos Water is selling strongly. The people at thesacredtearsofgaia.com asked me to repost the Christos article as they say they can still ship the bottle of sacred water in time for Christmas. so here it is below: It’s