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Respond to Evil with Good

The Pope lost his contact lens on the carpet, while down there he said, “Respond to evil with good.” This new Pope is more humble than the last one, bodes well I reckon. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com By Dario Thuburn |

Pope Francis 1st, a Ray of Hope for Humanity

Jorge Bergoglio was elected Pope, he took the name Francis 1st. He’s of Italian parents from Argentina. He’s known to be a very moral person. I got the impression he is very humble. He offers the Catholics a ray of hope after

Pope’s Arrest Imminent? Lawyers Probe Pope’s Legal Status

By Stuart Wilde  www.stuartwilde.com Over 20 moles inside Vatican; ready to name names says La Repubblica interview see below: There was a story last week that the Pope would retire to a monastery in the Italian countryside. But once he

(688) Mass Arrests and Resignations of the Elite

This is an extraordinary post. I said about 14 months ago we are entering the era of the fall of tyrants. A few big names fell, Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarac, Berlusconi and the Pope, but you might get the impression there

Pope Found Guilty: Gets 25 Years, no Parole (in English and Italiano)

I don’t know if the judgements of the ITCCS can be enforced as yet, but the fact that the convictions have taken place shows how the protection of the elite is breaking down. I feel sorry for the Catholics their