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The Divisions ….Are Resolved Eventually in The Brave New World

By Stuart Wilde I go through about 100 Internet articles and a dozen YouTubes a day looking for snippets the Stuie Wilde readers might like. A lot of the Internet is rants and hatred, people pitted against each other. Then

Ayahuasca Visions–The House of Cards

Sometimes Tom Lishman sends me the Ayahuasca visions he sees when he’s doing the workshops with people.  Some of them are so facinating, so I’ve started putting them up here from time to time. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com The House of Cards

Death of the Occult

Metaphysics deals with the perception of subtle energies. It starts with ESP, and then one sees the etheric field around people and trees (aura), and eventually one sees visions that teach one about the inner world dimensions, which are usually

Death of the Grand Lies

In 2001 I saw the Morph phenomena in my house in Australia, the walls went soapy-looking, people dematerialized and a portal opened to a Mirror-World. In there were the hell worlds and their devil beings, limbo grey worlds of the