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Stay Camouflaged It’s Safer

I read a delightful story of a couple that put their electricity bill in the name of their dog. With the advent of the Police State everywhere laying low is the way to go. Never give information out about yourself,

Chariots in the Sky

Reading the alternative media, there are endless stories of the Police State and surveillance and horrid scary laws and threats of war and so on. The story of the depositors in Cyprus losing their money to pay for the government’s

The Divisions of Revelation

I go through about 100 Internet articles and a dozen YouTubes a day looking for snippets my readers might like. A lot of it is rants, and people pitted against each other. Then many sites write about the Police State

Facebook Records Sound & Video from Your Phone, without Your Consent

“Facebook new app update lets them record sound & video from your phone, at any time, without your consent.” Source Above Top Secret:  http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread919249/pg1 From SW: The surveillance evil of Zuckberg and Facbook knows no bounds, people in the know

The Metaphysics of a Paradigm Shift in Consciousness

When people talk about a paradigm shift, they mean a shift in the recognized pattern of things, which we can say is the ‘standard model’ that forms the basis of people’s comprehension and understanding. We are in the process of