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Safety Group Blows Lid on Secret Virus Hidden in GMO Crops

Source www.naturalsociety.com GMO foods are deadly dangerous. They have now found a secret virus called Gene VI is in GMO, it causes mutations in rats. They get horrid tumors from it. How Monsanto lives with killing people like this is

Beef Treated with Carbon Monoxide

Source Wakingtimes.com Natasha Longo, Prevent Disease Waking Times Most meat eaters may be unaware that more than 70% of all beef and chicken in the United States, Canada and other countries is being treated with poisonous carbon monoxide gas. It

Cheerios GM PR Disaster

Cheerios came out with an App asking people to write about their great experiences eating Cheerios, they were flooded in the social media by tens of thousands of people’s fury complaining about Cheerios and GM food, it was a PR

Yasser Arafat Vision

Six months before the Palestine leader Yasser Arafat died (2004), I saw a vision of him face down on the ground, I realized he was going to be murdered. People say he was poisoned by polonium, a radio active material