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Stuart Wilde

In Tribute to Stuart Wilde

To understand Stuart Wilde, first you have to understand that he was a comedian. Stuart had a brilliant sense of humor, and he could have made it big in stand up comedy. He was offered the opportunity to do so,

Ayahuasca and the Miracle of Transformation

Aya Ecuador April …….see details below Our next Ayahuasca ceremonies are three groups in Ecuador with the Australian shaman Darpan and Tom Lishman doing the first two groups, and the well known Peruvian shaman, Don Jose and Tom, doing the last group.

The Hidden Power of Metaphysics

The hidden power of metaphysics is that it offers the story behind the story. I’m  asked sometimes what is metaphysics?  It’s the study of unseen energies and other realities. The term metaphysics is derived from the Greek Ta Meta ta Physkia which

Two Realities & Each Person’s Armageddon

There is a parallel universe that is opposite this world. In very simple terms there is a spirit world and then this world. People don’t realize how that other world affects us, but it does. For example, conception comes from


If you are very logical it is hard to believe in the illogical, but all logic breaks down eventually, space-time bends, particles appear and disappear, stuff you are logically sure will happen suddenly goes random and erratic. My tactics is