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What if Peace Breaks Out?

By Stuart Wilde I can see a world where we will have peace eventually, it’s not impossible.  The global wars are perpetuated by just a few dozen zombie politicians, but if they fall, or if there is a change of

Strange Happenings at the Internet Forums

A friend of mine that is a bit of an Internet addict, posts on various chat forums each day. She posted the Rabbi pedo’ story I wrote on this site to the godlikeproductions forum. She got bumped out and cancelled,

Internet Censorship–the Vile File

Internet censorship is already here and it will get worse. YouTube deleted Snordelhans’ account because they do videos on the New World Order and the corruption of the elite Zionist Jews.  Press TV has been cancelled in Spain when the

Fall of the House of Bush

I’ve reposted this one as I keep seeing visions of Bush Snr. every day now. Something is about to happen soon. SW Here’s what I wrote before: A few days ago, I was sitting on a stone by a beautiful

Vision of George Bush Snr

I saw a vision with my eyes open of George Bush Senior, I wonder what was up, so I checked it on the Internet; he’s in hospital in Texas in an intensive care unit on a life support system. He