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Nuclear Vision

Over a year ago, I saw a vision that said the main nuclear threat to the world is North Korea and that Iran is not a threat at all. Netanyahu, the Israeli man, has been saying every few years since

America, Iran & the Possible End of Israel

There is talk of Iran building a bomb and nuking Israel, it’s all silliness–paranoia politics. Iran can buy a nuclear warhead in the black market. I’m sure they already have, some are quite small.  The Russian W-87 pictured here is waist

How Drunken Netanyahu Will Save the World

Yuval Diskin headed Shin Bet from 2005 – 2011. It’s Israel’s General Security Service. It calls itself “Thof”. He says Netanyahu is a drunken, piss artist and unreliable and dangerous for Israel. Mr. Diskin is dead right, but I see

False Flags, False Flags

I’ve not seen a lot of predictions for 2013, except I saw vision after vision of false flag operations, the visions have been repeated over and over again. Obama won’t attack Iran and Israel can’t manage it, so they will have

Social Media Censors Sites

Here’s an article about how the Jewish social media sites, Facebook, YouTube, Google etc, censor items that might be critical of Israel or the war in the Middle East. It’s all about sustaining the Grand Lies, hiding facts and obscuring