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Train Spotting through the Souls of the Dead

By Stuart Wilde I went to Kings Cross tube station to pray for the souls of those that were murdered on 7/7/2005. There is a tiny plaque on the wall there. Then I took a train on the Piccadilly line

Gay Marriage Live an’ Let live

By Stuart Wilde: 500,000 Parisians were out on the street a month or so ago in the rain, protesting against gay marriage. The French are Moslems and Christians mostly, and both religions forbid homosexuality, so you can see where the

Official History and True History

Sometimes, I enjoy writing pieces on true history. I hope they don’t shock my readers too much. The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor 1941, was not a surprise. Roosevelt knew days in advance the Japanese were coming. He deliberately sacrificed

The Jews & Global Cattle Populations

The Jews are very twitchy if anyone criticizes them or Israel, journalists that don’t agree politically are often fired, or they are falsely labeled as racists. But the Jews refer to non-Jews as goyim (cattle), and their Holy Books allow

300 Strange Visions, 911 and the Irish Holy Lands

In the last few nights I have seen hundreds of visions one after the next — ballistic! I heard “The time has come” and I saw many walls of fire, massive explosions and rockets and boats burning. I saw a