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Victory in Sight

I’m sure my readers must consider me very odd as I write about wars in the multi-dimensional hell worlds, some readers fled because they don’t want to hear that stuff, that’s to be expected, but fear of the dark is

Protection from Entities

The entities that plague this human evolution are normally invisible to the naked eye; they are beings in the etheric that feed off humans. They include what we know as UFOs, which I have said elsewhere are not solid, they

The Souls of Animals

I have always believed humans have an eternal soul but I wasn’t sure if animals were the same. Then in 2001, myself and others, started to see the Morph, a transdimensional phenomena that pervades a room with swirls, vortexes and

Tips I Learned from the Ghoul Wars

I hope this isn’t too long but here’s a bit more that is hard to mention but it is important. I’m a veteran of a three and a half year ghoul war. I learned a lot. I went to fight

The Matrix is Real

In the Aluna Mirror-Worlds the Matrix net is very real. I used to think the ghouls built the net because they hang off it like monkeys and they clutter it and they corrupt information coming from the celestial to humans.