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Mexico Turn Around is Possible

Source Daily Mail on Sunday/AP When I was in Mexico seven years ago, I got robbed by a policeman for $475.00. I could see how the country would degrade under the influence of the crimes gangs and the corrupt officials.

Santiago UFO Cluster

I don’t usually post UFOs stories as it not good to concentrate on them, but most of the UFOs are in South America because one of their aims is “soul capture” through fascination. And they can’t abduct people etherically unless

The Forces of Retribution

I know it may sound dippy when I say I’ve seen the Forces of Retribution arrive, but two days ago I saw the most extraordinary light of a celestial dawn, the brightest I’ve seen in ten years. The Beings have the

Gaia & Her Earthquakes

Logically one might imagine earthquakes are random events, but watching visions I’ve come to wonder if Gaia (the spirit of nature), has a plan and that her plan is sometimes stymied by the dark forces. I once got an earthquake

UFO Dives into el Popocatepetl near Mexico City

In 2001 some celestial bangles appeared around my wrists, when I dropped my hands they would load, then I’d flick my left wrist and the bangle would fly away as a tumbling triangle, if there were UFOs about that I