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This McDonald’s burger looks the same as the day it was cooked… 14 years ago

If you need another reason to kick the junk food habit this should do it. David Whipple is the proud owner of a 14-year-old McDonald’s hamburger. And it looks exactly the same as the day he bought it. Mr Whipple

Chicken Meat Contains Arsenic say FDA

The Federal Drug Administration in America has just admitted that chicken meat contains arsenic. Eating meat is eating death, animals have emotions, but what the food processors put in the food is criminal. I don’t campaign for vegetarianism, but eating

McDonalds Fast Food Include Putty and Cosmetic Petrochemicals

I read an article about how McDonalds is part of an illuminati plot to control the world. The idea was based on the fact that the all-seeing eye on the pyramid was in one of their commercials. I don’t know