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Max Keiser “Cyprus, Gold and Bit coins”

A Max Keiser video on gold, Bitcoins etc always entertaining. He talks about the Federal Reserve admitting they have been giving inside information to the Wall Street banks. SW


Fraudulent Accounting at Irish Banks

Max Keiser talks to investigator Reggie Middleton (see video below), who has discovered and published details of systematic accounting fraud and debt concealment in Irish banks especially AIB, the Allied…


Is 2013 the Year of the Financial Crash?

Max Keiser is one of the most influential financial pundits in the world, he’s a regular on Russia Today, the most watched TV station in the world. RT is 10…


J.P.Morgan & Silver Manipulation

Max Keiser is one of the most watched financial pundits in the world, he has a “rant and rave” style to his presentations, you certainly wouldn’t describe him as humble,…