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Virgin Mary Apparition in the Sky in Africa

I said many years ago that the Hovering Madonnas were coming, and that there would be three of them, one in Africa, one in Russia and one in South America some place. Here is an African one so that you

The Obama Deception

This video, The Obama Deception, is very well put together with images and music. It is not all about Obama, it talks of the occult satanic forces in the world that permeate popular culture. Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com The Art of

Black Magic Woman, Lady Gaga & Others

I’ve become very interested in studying the influence of black magic in the music industry. Certainly Lady Gaga is reputed to be a satanist, she wears blatant Illuminati symbols on her clothes. And she refers to herself as a ‘beautiful

Rome’s Radiation & The Stone Horse

We check people that come to the healings with a Geiger Counter to see if their radiation levels are high. If they are, I do an extra process on them, it only takes a minute, it seems to get the