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Tenacity of Spirit

By Stuart Wilde There are times in life when one faces adverse forces be they political, economic or social. It is then you need tenacity of spirit. The visionaries I speak to say there is a black cloud of energy


People can still triumph in adverse times the trick is to go in the opposite direction to the popular emotion. Doing that grants you a different destiny. When everyone is gong crazy stay calm, when people want to be special

Love & Laughter

Laughter is a form of love and a very powerful medicine. We find reasons to laugh many times a day. Sometimes I tell my friends funny stories and soon the whole room is filled with the warmth of the fire

Glow Worm Tribes

Imprinted on the human body are codes of tubes and lines and mathematics/geometries that normally are not visible to the naked eye. If you process your shadow, and if you have taken Ayahuasca you’ll start to see the codes. Some

Lion Loves His Rescuer – Video

                      This is such a sweet video (0.39 secs) of a Lion’s pure love.  Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com Read this before watching the video: The woman in the video found the