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Spiritual Practices – The Wet Heart

I was tossing and turning one night unable to sleep, there was very little ghoul activity in the Aluna Mirror worlds so I was a bit perplexed. I had my teddies with me, they had fallen down a crack between

The Divisions ….Are Resolved Eventually in The Brave New World

By Stuart Wilde I go through about 100 Internet articles and a dozen YouTubes a day looking for snippets the Stuie Wilde readers might like. A lot of the Internet is rants and hatred, people pitted against each other. Then

Milk: The Deadly Poison

American milk is banned in Europe and has been for some time. The reason for the ban, is the use of Bovine Growth Hormone in cows. BGH is a natural hormone that cows produce, and back in the early 90s

On Healing Leukemia

I met a man in the pub with leukemia, later on I did a healing session on him, just 2-3 minutes. He has just heard from the hospital that his tests have come back. His leukemia has gone to non-detectable.