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Love & Laughter

Laughter is a form of love and a very powerful medicine. We find reasons to laugh many times a day. Sometimes I tell my friends funny stories and soon the whole room is filled with the warmth of the fire

People Doing Silly Things

Some of these are so funny. (Vid’ 18.50 mins) Stuart Wilde www.stuartwilde.com   Spirituality and the Lightness of Being by Stuart Wilde “There is much heaviness in the world which comes from people’s self-importance, the injustice, the pollution, the bling.

Amsterdam Sunday Dec 16th

Hi Guys! This is the last one of these gigs. It’s been wonderful that 930 people in total have come so far. I saw a vision of a forest floor and there were these beautiful green shoots coming up from

X Marks the Spot

To make a strong message we have to band together. I said we should all dance for 30 seconds each day as an affirmation of our impending victory. http://www.stuartwilde.com/2012/11/dance-for-victory/ Our collective light consciousness is stronger than the dark, so we

Minimum Movement & Other Easy Stress Management Techniques

  (1) Time constraints cause stress, be brutal in your time management, don’t accept things to do, in time frames that are difficult, never obligate yourself unless you absolutely have to, make everyone comes to you if possible. Assign tasks