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The Man with Kind Eyes

I was descending in an elevator at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas. Some very enormous ladies were in the lift-e-vator with me. When they got out, the lift rattled and the ground shook in protest. I waited at the back,

The Celestial Breath

Many of the people that were in my Redeemers Club (2006-2008) later developed ESP, and the power to see visions, and extraordinary abilities. Some others got the power later at the other gigs. One ability that has fascinated me is


If you are very logical it is hard to believe in the illogical, but all logic breaks down eventually, space-time bends, particles appear and disappear, stuff you are logically sure will happen suddenly goes random and erratic. My tactics is

Curing the Agony of “Teenage Daughter Syndrome”

The modern teenager is exposed to many threats and temptations, the moral degradation of the world has made these innocent children fair game for drug peddlers and pedophiles. Watching music videos the modern teenage girl soon learns the power she

The Top Hat Boys

We wear top hats at the gigs. It’s a bit of a laugh and it creates a sense of occasion. I met a lady that couldn’t lift her arm at all, I don’t know what was wrong with it, she