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Grimm’s Warriors

The recently released movie ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’ and ‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’ are a good depiction of the inner spiritual journey. The original Grimm’s Fairy Tales told of the Dark versus the Light, sugared up with ginger bread houses

Living in a Virtual Reality

On-line dating, webcam chats, video dating, facebook, tumblr, myspace, bebo, speed dating, chat rooms, blogs, twitter, the list goes on…..these things have become our reality, our ‘virtual’ reality. Social sites are in fact far from social, they are an isolated

The Teenage Vampire Vehicles

The codes being woven into the Matrix grid of our collective subconscious, from the Twilight series by Stephanie Myers, are rather dark and dubious. What I find disturbing is that Myers has sold over 116 million copies of her books world

Improving Yourself –Gratitude

It is important to not take life for granted and be gracious and show a proper gratitude for every small mercy or for anything thing others do for you. Remember this one important fact, this earth has no contract or

26 Acts of Kindness

There is a movement in America called “26 Acts of Kindness’, it’s a champaign by ordinary people to counter the acts of violence in America, and I imagine it is also a part of a counter move against the fear Obama’s