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Iran Attack …Snoredom–Update

Politics is jolly boring but the Iran thing is important as it could plunge the world into economic collapse. Obama is not up for bombing Iran, so he gave…sold, they say, the Israeli’s some KC-135 refuelling planes along with some

Jews Fire Sewage at Palestinian Homes–eek!

This video (2.02 mins) is quite shocking, it’s show the Jews firing sewage at the Palestinian homes from white tankers. To degrade other humans in this way is just degrading oneself. I feel sorry for ordinary, decent Jews that have

The Karma Flip Flop… America-Russia/Russia-America

By Stuart Wilde. America, with its Communist president is reverting to what Russia was like in the 1950s, with the KGB and the GRU secret services, the Gulags and the police state. And Russia is like America in the Al

Communism in Modern America

By Stuart Wilde I know my readers don’t like politics much, but you have to watch it a little bit to stay safe. Here’s a bit below explaining things. Executive Orders in the US are laws the President enacts without

Oscar’s Teddy Bear in Hot water

The Oscar’s Teddy bear was accused of being Anti-Semitic for talking about the Jews in Hollywood. The show was written by the Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. I’m sure people knew what they would get, he’s known for his blunt