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V for Vendetta Speech (27 seconds)

Fear mongering is nationalized industry, creepy, we’ll get ’em in the end. Don’t buy the fear, it’s them that are becoming scared, we are on the ground we don’t have…


On Healing Chilblains

Here is a testimonial that came in today on healing chilblains from a young lady in Ireland. They are very painful, one’s finger swell up. They can last for months….

Christina Noble

A Brave Woman’s Noble Vision

This is an inspirational story of a brave woman, Christina Nobel, who lived in a hole she dug in a park in Dublin and she went on to found orphanages…


Oscar Wilde Not a Relative

I’m often asked if I’m related to the Irish writer, Oscar Wilde, I’m not. But I do have Irish ancestors, this picture here is of my great great great…aunt, Lady…

Irish Healings: December 30th Dublin

      This is the last of the Irish Healings  Sunday 30th December, Dublin –   2pm-4pm Please click Healings : http://www.stuartwilde.com/healings-2/ I can only do about 60-70 healings in two hours…


Daoist Tapping Ceremony in Ireland with Stuart Wilde

Daoist Tapping Ceremony with Stuart Wilde December 19th – 23rd, 2012 — Glendalough, Co Wicklow, IRELAND. This event was sold out but 3 places have come up at the last…

rabbit shopping

Testing Fish for Radiation

Here is a video of Stuart Wilde testing fish for radiation at the supermarket. www.stuartwilde.com

Stuart Wilde healings at Glendalough Lake, Co. Wicklow Ireland

The Irish Light

I’ve done 540 healings around Ireland, mostly in health food shops and organic cafes, the owners of the shops have been very kind and helpful to me. About 60 people…


On Healing Cancer

When I do the healings on people, I’m very interested in the spontaneous results, though sometimes the people that suffer from cancer seem to take two or three months to…

The Hippie Caravan near Cavan, Ireland Photo: Gavin Cassidy

The Hippie Caravan at the Dog & Duck

The hippie caravan has now gone round 50 towns and hundreds of villages in Ireland. We left 2000 prayer cards in shops and little blurbs about the healings. I’ve done…