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Metaphysical Techniques on Pain

Pain often comes from the inner worlds. It is fired by the ghouls; I know this by watching them. If I feel a sharp, unexplained pain in my shoulder, I can often look to my left and see the devil

Mirror-World Universe Close to Confirmation

I said years ago that there is a Mirror-World opposite to our 3-D world. Later, writers like Khris Krepcik and others that can see the inner worlds, all confirmed they saw the same thing. It exactly reflects our reality. If

Cracking the Black Egg

The new anthem “God Rot our King” video is doing quite well it’s got to 1698 views. The counter has been stuck for a few days, You Tube messes with things. You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6FnpMu6k   I need it to

Why Metaphysics Grants You An Added Perception

Metaphysics has in the past been the domain of dippy, tree huggers and crystal ball gazers and it became the religion of Flower Power and the New Age Travellers, but over the decades since the 1960s it has become more

Stigmata & Morph Wounds

Here below is an interesting article from Pravda, Moscow, about stigmata and other wounds that appear mysteriously. When the sensation called the Morph first appeared in March 2001, women noticed they got small bruises on their legs overnight. The marks